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Premier Volunteers of Ghana (PREVOG) is one of the leading volunteer/internship organizations without any political or religious affiliations. We place special focus on community development projects, including wide range of humanitarian and community outreach programs. PREVOG has partnered with reputable 
organizations in Ghana looking for international volunteers and interns. The programs are carefully designed for all persons, students, recent graduates and individuals from all academic backgrounds and all levels of experience. The programs include tailor made short term and long term experimental study abroad programs for school credit or for career development. One of our partnership organizations is Dream Ghana Foundation which is also a volunteer organization.


Paige Frost, USA.



Ispent a short three weeks in Ghana through the PREVOG organization. Everyone I met was welcoming and kindly offered help adjusting to the new culture. I stayed with a host family along with a few other people in the program. Living with a host family allowed me to be completely immersed in Ghanaian culture. During the week I interned at an eye clinic where I assisted the doctors with patients and was even able to observe cataract surgery. On the weekends I had the opportunity to travel with other people in the program. Seeing the Cape Coast Castle and Kakum National Park were two highlights of my trip. Overall, visiting Ghana was an unforgettable experience.
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 Nick Lesson, Canada.


Nick's Experience in a Blog.

I’m Nick Leeson, an international legal intern from Canada and I’m staying in West Africa for 4 months (17 weeks). As I write this, I’m 3 months into my volunteer work here and, looking back on the time that I have already spent in Ghana and Togo, it is unbelievable how much I’ve experienced:
I will never forget my first trip to a Ghanaian hospital; the smiles on the faces of the children at the orphanage each time I come to visit;.... Continue at his blog.
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Ingrid Seeman, Sweden


Time does fly when you're enjoying yourself. I guess I'll start at the beginning. The plane ride here was
as expected: long. My butt literally hurt! But oh well. At least there's no major time difference between Sweden and Ghana so I haven't had to deal with jet lag. 
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Laura Gier, Germany


I came to Ghana on July 1, 2011 and spent six weeks with PREVOG organization, working at the New Life Orphanage International in Nungua, Accra (orphanage and teaching placement).
The organization
PREVOG is the perfect volunteer organization to go for, especially in case it’s your first time to Africa. The program directors are very welcoming, support was always available, well-organized and very personal, advice (concerning work, transports, trips etc.) was always reliable and helpful. Plus, the program fee is low in comparison to international volunteer organizations. For a volunteer stay in Ghana, I would always recommend PREVOG as the organization who accompanies you best during this unique experience!
The host family
My host family was an extended Ghanaian family living together in one compound (several houses on a fenced area) and hosting several volunteers at a time. The whole family was very welcoming and lovely and always had an ear for our questions etc. Room and facilities were very good and the food just great. Great hosts and a good atmosphere that made me feel at home.

The volunteer placement
I spent the six weeks in Ghana working at the New Life Orphanage International in Nungua, Accra. I worked as a teacher for the younger classes in the orphanage’s school and spent a lot of time with the children (about 50 children from 2 years to 17 years old) at the orphanage during their free time, with sports, reading, creative arts etc. All the people I worked with were very friendly and really committed, the kids are all lovely and very smart. Working with them was a really unique experience for me, interesting and a lot of fun, I enjoyed every single day.
Travelling and going out…
Although Accra is definitely a great place to stay – very busy, interesting historical sites, shops, bars, markets, nightlife…etc. I spent several week-ends travelling and so got the chance to see a lot of interesting places and different parts of Ghana. Ghana is a great country to travel, with beautiful landscape, lots of sights and towns to visit throughout the whole country. Travelling was easy to organize and hassle-free, I met a lot of people (Ghanaians are very, very friendly and always willing to help a lost "obruni" (white person) and it made my Ghanaian experience unforgettable.Ghana is a welcoming and interesting country, I had an amazing and really unforgettable time living and working there, and first of all thanks to PREVOG.

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All our programs are available and ongoing and therefore you decide when you want to travel - no fixed program dates. Our objective is to help you gain the life changing andaffirming experiences abroad. 
We are available anytime to help you before, during and after your program placement as well as ensuring it's a great learning experience for you. Whether you are planning your Gap year, summer, fall or winter holidays, or an alternative spring or winter break, you can volunteer or intern with PREVOG. Groups looking forcustomized programs should contact us.



During your volunteer experience, you’ll enjoy plenty of free time to relax, reflect and explore. There is a great deal of interest to see and a circular tour taking in the mountains of Volta Region, Wli Waterfalls, Tafi Monkey Sanctuary, Peasant Villagers at Kadjebi, Mole National Park, Kumasi (Garden City), Kakum Rainforest Reserve and Cape-Coast former slave castles are just some perfect trips. Continue reading at our facebook page. Click Here


laura sec2

In other to let you get a deeper understanding and appreciation of the country, the people, the way of life and to get your bearings on everything is to guide you through an in-depth perspective of thecultural activities of the Ghanaian/African way of life.

Our always-available Directors will coordinate a city orientation and tour at the beginning of each program to familiarize you with your new surroundings and host family.


rural development2

Our mission is to strive to develop the global world by bridging the gap gradually between the privileged and the underprivileged by providing support to deprive and needy communities. PREVOG has an outline of projects it wishes to undertake in the rural and deprived areas of Ghana with the help of well meaning volunteers, individuals and organizations to partner us in other to achieve these objectives.


volunteers needed

We are always looking for volunteers, ideas, partnership and work to help sustain the noble course by
previous volunteers. PREVOG promotes International I volunteering, Students Exchange Programs. We are also dedicated to meeting humanitarian needs, promoting cross culture and people integratione.

We welcome international schools, organizations and institutions that are interested in these direction.








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