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Criminal Law Internship


The criminal law volunteer intern program is designed to provide undergraduate, graduate, and law students with the fundamental investigative techniques and relevant criminal law knowledge needed for interested volunteer interns. The Criminal Law Internship in Ghana is one of the hands-on legal internship opportunities in Africa.


If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind learning experience that can both prepare you for graduate level work and provide you with the experience necessary for employment in any field, then apply to become a volunteer intern in this Criminal Law Internship and gain priceless experience. Attorneys work closely with their volunteer intern Investigators on a regular basis. Although volunteer investigators will be given some clerical duties, the vast majority of their work will be carried out in the community. Obviously, this is not a desk job. Nor is it a simple opportunity to observe an attorney at work, volunteer Investigator will be an important member of a defense team, headed by the Staff Attorney to whom he or she is assigned. 


Through their investigative efforts, Intern Investigators assist the attorneys in assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the charges brought against clients. They enable clients to make informed decisions about plea offers. Moreover, in the case of trial, the information and witnesses the volunteer investigators uncover provide the building blocks necessary to support the defense theory. The first week of the Criminal Law Internship Program is dedicated to an intensive training session that covers a wide variety of topics related to investigation procedures and the introduction to criminal law of Ghana, Africa.


Duties and Qualifications;
The responsibilities of an Intern Investigator include locating and interviewing witnesses and clients, taking detailed witness statements, performing extensive criminal background checks, serving subpoenas, photographing and diagramming crime scenes, preparing courtroom exhibits, writing reports regarding investigative activities, assisting with case development.


To apply, complete our on line application form and attach your current CV (resume) and personal photo. You would be contacted after your application has been received and reviewed within 24 hours.

project at a glance 

The project is based in the capital city, Accra, with shops, banks & Internet cafes nearby. This vibrant city is renowned for its friendly atmosphere where visitors are always welcome. It's full of contrasts: from traditional culture and history to Modern infrastructure.

Arrival and Departure Point: 
(Kotoka International Airport, Accra)

Working Hours:
Monday to Friday, Starting at 08.00 am 
25-40 hour week

Depending on where you will be staying, not more than 60 minutes travelling time. Part by commercial mini bus/taxi and part walking.{/AF}

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