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Internship For Academic Credit

Entrepreneurship Trainin Aspects


Internship for Academic Credit

PREVOG programs provide students with an opportunity to earn academic credit for work experience or volunteer service in an international setting. It provides for both personal and professional growth and is intended for students who desire to expand their educational experiences beyond the traditional classroom setting by working directly within another culture.



Before you graduate, you probably will have to earn a specific number of academic credits in your college major and college minor. For example, when you study in the US you may need to take science, math and literature classes to earn required academic credits in those fields, no matter what major you have declared.



You should consult your academic institution regarding how you can arrange course credit. After you are accepted to the PREVOG program, we will complete any paperwork that is required by your university so that you can coordinate credit for your volunteer participation. While some universities offer academic credit for volunteering with PREVOG, other universities do not offer this option. You should therefore consult your university to determine whether academic credit can be arranged. Additionally, receiving academic credit for volunteering often make a volunteer eligible for university funding to cover travel and lodging expenses abroad. DOES



PREVOG or our partner organization in Ghana will provide letters of recommendations for its international volunteer or intern. The letter may be provided after a volunteer completes his/her program. The letter is written based on the evaluation and hours volunteered and discusses the role and involvement of the volunteer. The letter may also include details about any special entrepreneurial project that a volunteer develops while participating in the PREVOG program.



To provide the student with a variety of activities to maximize their experience. 
To provide the student with training commensurate with the tasks that they are asked to perform. 
For purposes of academic credit, the organization will sign a report for the faculty supervisor to inform him/her about the students progress. 
To fill out the firm evaluation form at the end of the student’s tenure. 



To develop a work schedule with the organization and meet that schedule responsibly. 
To perform tasks that they are given to the best of their capabilities. 
To keep a daily log of their activities and to write a note summarizing their work experience at the end of their project. 
For academic credit purposes the student will have to contact the faculty supervisor periodically to report their progress.

project at a glance

Where the project is based:
1. Accra.
The project is based in the capital city, Accra, with shops, banks & Internet cafes nearby. This vibrant city is renowned for its friendly atmosphere where visitors are always welcome. It's full of contrasts: from traditional culture and history to modern infrastructure.


2. Volta region - Ho.
Ho, so different from the capital of Accra, it has a lot of village settings that is sprawling into a city. The people in the region have been described as incredibly kind and very open to travelers. Banks, ATM machines, Internet cafes and shops are all over the place.

Arrival and Departure Point:
(Kotoka International Airport, Accra)

Working Hours:
Monday to Friday, Starting at 08.00 am
25-40 hour week

Depending on where you will be staying, not more than 60 minutes travelling time. Part by commercial mini bus/taxi and part walking.

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